Giant Frog Penis Has Internet Hopping [VIDEO]
Hung like a frog? It could be a saying after seeing this pic. Actually it really can't because frogs do not have penises (So is Chris Monroe a girl or a frog?). This may look like a ding-a-ling, but apparently it is just a third frog leg. Wah wah!
Flint Dogs Tested For Lead
Humans are not the only species being affected by the lead in Flint water - dogs are too. Honestly I have not thought about animals drinking the water. Duh! Obviously it has to be affecting them as well.
Shark Slams Into Paddle Boarder [VIDEO]
Holy shark! Watch as a shark slams into a paddle boarder in Florida. I am not sure why the shark appears to be airborne. I know now that a flying shark can take your ass down if you are on a paddle board! That is exactly that happened Maximo Trinidad. I would have freaked the eff out!
Flint Man Charged With Animal Cruelty, 5 Dogs Rescued
Five dogs were rescued today after an anonymous tip led authorities to a home on the north side of Flint. Four German Shepherds and one Bullmastiff were kept in a rat-infested conditions. One of  the dogs had to have its collar surgically removed, that is how stuck into the dogs neck it was.
Free Lead Testing For Dogs Coming to Flint This Month [VIDEO]
The poor doggies! A lot of the major concerns are obviously for children and other humans, but for many people, their fur babies ARE their children! It's beyond sad to imagine an animal who can't talk to you suffering from lead poisoning and being able to do nothing about it. If you or someone you k…
Tiger Loose On Highway [VIDEO]
The chances of any of us seeing a tiger on any highway are slim and none. I would guess the only time it would happen is if the circus was in town, and one got loose. That being said in other parts of the world it can happen and did - in Qatar.

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