This Bitch Thinks She Is A Cat [VIDEO]
So there is a girl who thinks she is a cat. I was not qualified to tell if she is or is not, until now. I have been watching Tony LaBrie's cat all this week so not only am I a cat lady, I am pretty much an authority on cats. This bitch is no cat. This bitch is cray cray!
Crab Is Not Going Down Without A Knife Fight [VIDEO]
Christ on a cracker you can find anything on the internet. It is a good thing this incident was recorded, because if someone just told me this story with no visual proof - I would not believe it. Watch as a crab at restaurant in Brazil, appears to be fighting for its life with a knife! Clearly this …
Michigan Puppy Mill Bust, More Than 50 Dogs Rescued [VIDEO]
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Oscoda County Sheriff’s Department recently rescued over 50 dogs from an unlicensed breeding facility. Authorities received complaints about animal abuse at the home and now four people have been arrested on animal cruelty c…

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