Pets With Human Hands Enjoy Holiday Dinner [VIDEO]
Depending on how well you get along with your family, you may rather eat Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of dogs and one cat. Especially if it is this group, they have human hands! I don't know what makes someone think to put a video like this together, but it sure is cutie cute!
Zebras Escape From Circus, Wouldn’t You? [VIDEO]
I am not a fan of circuses and I will tell you why. I once went 'backstage' at a circus and was shocked to see elephants chained up and in my opinion 'drugged up'. That did not sit well with me, so I can totally see why an animal would want to escape - just like these two zebras …
Goats On A Trampoline [VIDEO]
Some days there are great news stories and some days there are goats on a trampoline. If this 'gets your goat' - you can also see goats playing on sheet metal here and a baby goat taking its first steps thanks to a wheel chair here.
No BS! Bull Jumps Into Crowd [VIDEO]
Well Hell! The first rule of attending a bull fight should be 'do not throw cocktails at the bull'. Seems like common sense right? Not at this bull fight. That is exactly what happened in Peru. The bull freaked after getting hit with drinks and jumped into the crowd!
Oh Deer! Deer Crashes College Campus [VIDEO]
For deer hunters October and November are the most wonderful time of the year. For drivers, not so much. I have hit a deer before and I do not care to again. However, it is not just automobiles that deer run into. Windows are also on the list.

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