Maggot Removed From Inside Woman’s Lip [VIDEO]
If you are trying not to eat - watch this. If you are eating right now, you should stop. If you can watch this without getting sick to your stomach you are a trooper and obviously not easily grossed out. A woman went to a doctor after she noticed her face swelling. Turns there was a maggot in her li…
Groundhog Gets Head Stuck In Can [VIDEO]
Good thing we are not depending on this groundhog to see his shadow - how can it when its head is in a can? I guess it is better than up its ass! I am not sure who called the cops, but they were on the scene to uncork the creature.
Little Girl Kicked By Pony On Live TV [VIDEO]
If I said I laughed a little at this does that make me a bad person? A little girl in New Jersey is internet famous after a video of her getting kicked by a pony on live TV has gone viral. I don't know if this is quite 'When Animals Attack' - but it is pretty damn close.
Have You Seen Me? Grand Blanc Dog Missing
Have you seen Mr. Pickles? MP is a small brown and mottled salt and pepper beagle with a very white face. He ran off from his home at the Grand Reserve Condominiums on July 25th and has since been spotted in Goodrich and possibly near the Metamora Golf Club.

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