Dog Flips Over Fence [VIDEO]
Pet tricks can be cool. When a pet does something unusual out of the blue that they were not trained to do, well that is super impressive! Watch as Chai the dog attempts to jump a fence - he does make it over, just in a very unusual way!
Cat Freaked Out By Cucumber [VIDEO]
I have been told white men can't jump - but this ninja like cat can! Who knew a cucumber could be such a dick and sneak up on you? Or in this case - a cat! If you are really into cucumbers, you may be interested in watching a girl shove one down her throat. Yep, click here to watch veg head.
Tiny Hamster’s Enjoy A Tiny Barbecue [VIDEO]
Oh m gee this is so cute! It would have been awesome if the hamster's were actually on the grill....just kidding! Watch as these tiny fur balls celebrate the holiday weekend with a tiny barbecue. From small kabobs to cute little ears of corn - these rodents are partying it up!
Does A Bear Swim In A Pool? Yep! [VIDEO]
I did know a bear could eat my face off, I did not know a bear could swim in a pool. I never even thought about it - until now. This footage is from a bear sanctuary in Florida. Looks pretty nice to me - screw Shady Acres Retirement Village, I want to be live with the bears!
‘Testicle Eating Fish’ Caught In New Jersey [VIDEO]
Did you know that fish eat nuts? Well this particular one does. A Pacu fish (testicle eating fish) was recently caught in South Jersey. How did it get there when these fish are generally found in the Amazon? Forget about it! The guess is a fish enthusiast owned it and once the fish grew - he or she …

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