‘Testicle Eating Fish’ Caught In New Jersey [VIDEO]
Did you know that fish eat nuts? Well this particular one does. A Pacu fish (testicle eating fish) was recently caught in South Jersey. How did it get there when these fish are generally found in the Amazon? Forget about it! The guess is a fish enthusiast owned it and once the fish grew - he or she …
Bear Catches Bread Like A Beast [VIDEO]
I have never actually never been to a zoo, but I am familiar with the term "do not feed the animals". Clearly that rule does not apply to these folks who tossed a bear a piece of bread. Watch how the bear catches the food, well like a beast!
Vultures Take Over Family’s Home [VIDEO]
A family in Buncombe, Illinois has a vulture problem. Numerous vultures have invaded their property and the family does not know what to do. Vultures typically prey on dead things, could this family be the real walking dead?
JD The Horse Gives His Birthday Cake A BJ [VIDEO]
I have heard tales of horse shows in Tijuana. In those shows, the horse is the one being blown - not the blower. Not the case here. Meet JD the horse, he can blow out his own birthday candles. I guess he is safe from the glue factory for another year!

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