Fake Celebrity Fools Entire Mall
Considering you really don't have to do much to be a celebrity nowadays, I'm surprised I haven't seen something like this before. Watch an entire mall get tricked into thinking some random dude was famous.
Three Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape
It's hard to believe that the monster know as The Kardashians got it's start when a C-List rapper banged a chick with a huge ass on camera.  Watch three grandmas, and their hilarious reactions to that recording
14 Animals With Skrillex Hair
If there’s anything more recognizable than Skrillex’s music, it’s his unique side-swooped hair. (He’s basically the Justin Bieber of the electronica world.) The unique hairstyle has a Twitter Account, and has even been adopted by other celebrities. Now, animals are…
Cameron Diaz Hits the Beach
This is my birthday present to Chris Monroe.  Clearly there is something about the girl who played Mary!  Cameron Diaz is in amazing shape. Photographers captured the actress from many angles in these photos.  Enjoy, and happy birthday Chrissy!
First Look At Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD
If you're anything like me, you spent most of your high school days playing Tony Hawk and hoping a girl would finally touch your wiener. Tony Hawk is back and better than ever with his new game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.
Brother Lover! Hulk Hogan Latest Celebrity Sex Tape Victim
I think there are two victims here, the Hulkster and the poor woman he had sex with.
The New York Post is reporting that a sex tape starring the super star wrestler is being shopped around to porn distributors.  Hulk Hogan claims the tape was made without his knowledge. According to Contact Music the…
Chuck Norris Plays Super Mario Brothers
The Chuck Norris jokes have been such a dead horse beating, that they've come back around to being funny. Check out the 8 bit version of Chuck Norris, spin kicks and beard included!

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