Newcastle’s Failed Super Bowl Campaign is Downright Hilarious
While it's technically not an actual part of the official roster of Super Bowl 2014 commercials, Newcastle's multi-part documentary starring Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson in the beer company's failure of trying to make an ad for the big game is a huge, hilarious parody of the who…
Bombshell Goes Tomboy for New Movie
Margot Robbie, better known as  "The Duchess of Bay Ridge" in the new Martin Scorsese film "The Wolf of Wall Street", is trading in the designer dresses and high heels for tractors and cow teats!
See the Cast of ‘RoboCop’ Then and Now
In 1987, no man seemed to successfully be able to step up and match the lowlifes and scum that made up the crime-ridden city of Detroit...until Robocop stepped in to play, that is! The science-fiction action film told the story of an officer who was brutally killed and resurrected by the science of …

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