Family ‘Christmas Jammies’ Video Goes Viral
Christmas cards, photos of families in ugly Santa sweaters, even holiday newsletters are so two-thousand and late compared to this video. Watch as the Holderness family updates us on their past year in a fun and creative way. One viewers opinion on YouTube credits the mom in the video for all the vi…
GoBots — Christmas Toy Flashback [VIDEO]
Transformers are cool, but the first toys I remember getting into (besides Barbies) were GoBots. I don’t know why, but I loved them. Doing some Christmas toy shopping, I got nostalgic and dug up this old school GoBots video!
Prank – Do You Kiss in The Snow Under The Mistletoe? [VIDEO]
Honestly I don't think I've ever kissed someone under the mistletoe, this would be a great way to make that happen though. In an area of Arizona where it never snows, these guys asked strangers If they have ever been kissed in the snow under the mistletoe. Of course they had a mistletoe an…

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