If Google Was a Guy, This is How it Would Go Down [VIDEO]
Imagine if every time you had a stupid question that you wanted to ask Google and instead of going on line to get the answer, you had to go into an office and ask it to a guy. Well the folks over at College Humor put together a little scenario just like that called 'If Google Was a Guy'.
New Yoga Pants Prank is Really Embarrassing For Men [VIDEO]
The first 'Yoga Pants Prank' video was awesome and many dudes were embarrassed, this time around it gets even better. When two chicks ask you to check out their ass while wearing yoga pants, you have to say yes. When you find out one is a guy, that's just down right wrong but funny as…
15 Epically Passive Aggressive Office Notes
When you're working in close quarters with the same people for long periods of time, the air can get a bit hostile now and then. While there's no way everyone in an office can get along perfectly, there are a few employees who find it hard to tolerate offensive actions, like eating other p…
3 Year-Old Loves to Argue and Debate [VIDEO]
This little dude is cute as hell but really loves to argue and debate with his mother and damn, he's really good at it. It sounds like he's about to get a spanking and he's determined to debate his way out of it.
Which Patrick Swayze Are You? [QUIZ]
Anyone who grew up in the 80s saw at least one Patrick Swayze movie that connected with them. Whether it was 'Road House,' 'Point Break' or another of his popular flicks that spoke to you, I think we all wanted to be the Swayz-dog at some point back then. Now it's time to se…
Kids Reactions to Rotary Phones Are Priceless [VIDEO]
Here some kids are being introduced to the old school rotary phone for the first time ever. Some kids say they've only seen phones like these in pictures and movies while the rest of us actually had to use them as our only way to communicate with one another. These kids really are baffled by th…

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