Concert Photos

Buckcherry – The Machine Shop 5/4/14 [PICS]
Buckcherry rocked out to a sold out crowd over the weekend at The Machine Shop. I've gotta say, Josh Todd's voice sounded better than ever and the band was tight as hell. A big thumbs up on their performance. Check out the pics from the show, thanks to Mintypics.
Like a Storm – The Machine Shop 4/26/14 [PICS]
Like a Storm is a band of brothers from Auckland, New Zealand. They performed an acoustic set over the weekend while opening of Zach Myers of Shinedown. Check out the photos of their set, thanks to Thom Seling photography. Also don't miss the band performing at the Summer's Dirt Fest.
Zach Myers – The Machine Shop 4/26/14 [PICS]
Zach Myers of Shinedown performed an acoustic set over the weekend at The Machine Shop. The show also included acoustic performances from Like a Storm and Russell Wayne. Here's some pics of Zach Meyers performance, thanks to Mintypics.
Anti-Mortem – The Machine Shop 4/10/14 [PICS]
Anti-Mortem is a five piece rock band from Chickasha, Oklahoma. These guys rolled through The Machine Shop last week while on tour with Texas Hippie Coalition and I have to say, they rocked hard. Check out some pics from the show courtesy of Mintypics.

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