Concert Photos

Psychostick — Dirt Fest 2015 [PHOTOS]
Pyschostick packed up their '2 Ton Paperweight' and made their way to Dirt Fest 2015. Why? Because boobs. See their totally serious and not at all comedic set, which was actually their 1000th show, in our official photo gallery here.
Red Sun Rising — Dirt Fest 2015 [PHOTOS]
Red Sun Rising have been burning up rock radio with their track 'The Otherside' and brought that heat to the stage at Dirt Fest 2015. Get a glimpse of their set (but don't stare directly at it #SunPuns #lol) in our official photo gallery here.
Starset — Dirt Fest 2015 [PHOTOS]
Starset came down from outer space and hit Dirt Fest 2015 to save us from a future where we are dominated by robot overlords in a world devoid of creativity. See all the sci-fi action in the summer blockbuster we've all been waiting for our ofiicial photo gallery here.

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