Adrenaline Mob & Kill Devil Hill Fan Photos – The Machine Shop
Check out the pics from last night’s Adrenaline Mob & Kill Devil Hill show at The Machine Shop. Tony Labrie and the Banana crew where out to see these two bands who feature current and former members from Black Sabbath, Pantera, Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Disturbed...
Game of Thrones Has Budget Issues
Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows on TV, but for a show featuring knights, dragons, and other things of that nature, but it seems to never really have any big budget battle scenes. Well, now we know why. Check out this HBO executive, explaining the situation.
Vinyl Record Trick Shot Video
By no means am I a vinyl enthusiast, but there is something pretty sweet about records.  Watch these dudes nail some insane trick shots landing vinyl on the turntable.
HED 2 HEAD Tour – Fan Photos From The Machine Shop
Check out last nights pics from the (SOLD OUT) HED 2 HEAD Tour 3 co-headlining show with (hed) pe & Mushroomhead. Maggie Meadows and the Banana crew were out early to see openers American Head Charge, Corvus, & Tenafly Viper.
Untrained 53-Year-Old Man Fights 21-Year-Old MMA Fighter
Father Time is undefeated in the history of all men, but the dude in this video is putting up a hell of fight.  This guy, old enough to be a grandfather, was given an hours notice that he was going to take on a 21-year-old MMA fighter.  You might be surprised with the results.
‘American Psycho’ To Be Adapted Into Musical
"American Psycho" is easily one of my favorite movies and books, and now it might be one of my favorite musicals.  Check out the details on the stage adaptation of the story of everyone's favorite serial killer yuppy.
Taproot – Fan Photos From The Machine Shop
Check out the pics from the Taproot concert 4/22/2012 at The Machine Shop. Maggie Meadows and the Banana crew were out for the remote broadcast to see local openers 151, The Nines, & Avenue Sky.

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