ROCK STAR – The Machine Shop
Maggie Medows and the Banana crew broadcasted live from The Machine Shop for ROCK STAR the ultimate 80’s tribute hair band. Check out the pics of people rocking out to their old favorite 80’s songs while hanging out with friends.
Monkey Man Is Worlds Fastest Four Legged Runner
Being a monkey would be pretty sweet, considering that you get to eat a lot of bananas, everything you do is hilarious, and if something is pissing you off, you can just throw crap at it. This dude really wanted to be a monkey, so he started walking like one.
Everything Destroyed In Super Slow Motion HD
I can't tell if this a music video, or destruction porn, but either way it's effing awesome.  Watch waterbeds, bottles of coke, laundry lines, and a bunch of other crap get destroyed in a bunch of awesome ways.
Free Beer & Hot Wings – The Machine Shop
Check out the pics from the on air performance of Free Beer & Hot Wings live from The Machine Shop. The Banana crew and listeners were out early in the morning to see this first time event.
US 23 Drive In Theater Now Open For The Season
One more sign that summer is almost here.  The US 23 Drive In is back in action on Friday and Saturday nights.  After Memorial Day, the theater will be open 7 day/week.  The great thing is the cost.  Only $7 per adult and kids are just $5.  I'm definitely looking forwar…
Jerry Seinfeld Calls Out TMZ Photographer
I would hate it if I had to deal with these TMZ people all the time or the paparazzi in general but it does come with the job I guess. Jerry Seinfeld got caught getting on his bike in Manhattan by TMZ photog and got asked some really lame questions and Jerry put him in his place. Nice job Mr. Seinfe…
Flame Throwing Baby Stroller
You see kids throwing up the horns, rocking the mohawk, and being little bad asses all the time.  This kid takes it to a new level, with his low riding, flame throwing stroller.
Surfer Rides Insane Wave
Surfing never really seemed that sweet to me, until I saw this dude riding what looks like the biggest wave ever.  It's hard to believe how he stood upright the whole time, especially when you consider how big his set must be.
Nine Inch Nails On 1980’s Dance Show
If you look back far enough in anyone's life, you're going to find some pretty embarrassing stuff.  Nine Inch Nails is no exception to that rule, as evidenced in this video of their performance of Down In It, on Dance Party USA.

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