Crazy Ass Muay Thai Fight
I've seen some pretty bad ass fights before, but this one might take the cake. Watch this fight go from pretty average to WWE in no time.
ROCK STAR – The Machine Shop
Tony Labrie broadcasted live from The Machine Shop for ROCK STAR the ultimate 80’s tribute hair band. Check out the pics of people rocking out to their old favorite 80’s songs while hanging out with friends.
Join The Banana ‘Bad Bowlers League’ Now
Time to get some of your drinking buddies that are mediocre at bowling together and join the 'Banana Bad Bowlers' League.  Since the Banana Crew is exceptionally good at boozing it up and having fun, we decided get together with Grand Blanc Lanes and invite others with the same skill set to join us;…
Brutal Battle Of Monkey Against Cat
Monkeys and cats might not sound like two of natures deadliest animals, but when wild animals are forced into confrontation, the results can be brutal. Watch these two savage beasts involved a battle that left the human bystanders stunned.
Game Of Thrones Season 2 Trailer
HBO is totally worth the money. I'll buy cheap ass ketchup and generic deodorant, but somethings are just worth spending a little extra on.  One of the best things on HBO has got to be Game Of Thrones. Check out the trailer for it's second season.
Behind The Scenes Jurassic Park Footage
It's hard to believe that it's been like 20 years since Jurassic Park came out.  I remember seeing it in theaters and I remember peeing my pants in terror.  Check out some behind the scenes footage that was just released from the T-Rex break out scene.
1 Year Old Drummer Kills It
You wanna know what I was doing when I was one?  Pooping my pants and eating Cheerios, because that's what one year olds do.  And I'm sure this little guy dumps out Cheerios like any other toddler, but he also plays drums.  And he's pretty damn good.
Real Life Goldeneye 64
Nintendo 64 was one of the greatest video game consoles of all time and arguably, it's best game was Goldeneye.  Watch the real life version of the most pain in the ass mission, trying to get Natalya to the main control room.

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