Bowling with Royal Bliss & BOBAFLEX
Yesterday a bunch of Banana 101.5 listeners were lucky enough to go bowling with Royal Bliss, Bobaflex and the Banana crew. Everybody had a blast at the Grand Blanc Lanes, check out the pics here.
Bow And Arrow Trick Shot Video
I'm pretty sure the use of bow and arrow is only good for killing dragons, killing settlers, and killing whoever Robin Hood killed. But now you can add trick shots to that list, and I have to say, they are pretty damn impressive.
Super Bowl Tight Rope Performer Highlights
If you watched the halftime show of the Super Bowl, you probably noticed an old hag, a rapper chick with a huge ass, and the dude jumping around on the tight rope. Well that guy is Andy Lewis and you can watch his being insane in this video.
Iron Man Performed On Iron Guitar In Tesla Coils
The opening riff of Iron Man is arguably the best of all time. Now imagine hearing it on an iron guitar being performed by a dude in a metal suit while electricity shoots along to the song from Telsa Coils. Well, imagine no more my friends, and check out the insanity for yourself.
FUEL – (SOLD OUT) -The Machine Shop
Fuel was in town Friday heading up a stacked bill at The world famous Machine Shop. If you missed out on this sold out show -- let these pics serve as a reminder that you should always get your tickets early.
Brad Pitt Reveals Reason Why He Quit Smoking Pot
I thought the first rule of "Pot Club" was to not talk about "Pot Club"?
In a recent interview with the the Hollywood Reporter magazine, Brad Pitt revealed that he was really sick of himself in the late 90's, he was smoking a lot of pot and believes he was turning into a doughnut.…

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