Best Mother and Son Wedding Dance Ever [Video]
I have always said if I ever get married, it will not be a traditional, boring, cookie cutter wedding.  No way.  It would have to be fun.  NO tuxedos and prom dresses, no long ceremony that people's kids cry through, and the most important detail...NO awkward waddling in the middle of the dance floo…
Anne’s Top 5 RED Songs
Everyone here at the Banana knows that RED is one of my favorite groups. Ever since their ‘The End of Silence’ release in 2006, I’ve been drawn to their music, and they keep putting out solid heavy tunes.
RED will play Feb. 28 at the Machine Shop in Flint. For more on the show, go h…
Fake Snowman Set Up to Scare People on a Busy Sidewalk [VIDEO]
I am such an easily startled person, but I still think it's hilarious to watch other people get spooked.  A couple of guys set up a mean looking, fake snowman on the sidewalk of a busy city street in Boston and scared the hell out of a ton of pedestrians as they went by.  Pranks are a…
GoBots — Christmas Toy Flashback [VIDEO]
Transformers are cool, but the first toys I remember getting into (besides Barbies) were GoBots. I don’t know why, but I loved them. Doing some Christmas toy shopping, I got nostalgic and dug up this old school GoBots video!

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