2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Detroit This Weekend
Attention medical marijuana patients, head to Detroit this Saturday and Sunday for the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.  So if you are in the runnings to win Croptober and that trip to Amsterdam for the Cannabis cup, this would be a great warm up for you.  If you are a patient and just wan…
Osama Bin Laden Is Dead.
After almost a decade of hunting the terrorist ringleader and mass murderer Osama Bin Laden, the US checked "Get Osama" off of their to do list. He was taken down in a firefight with US special forces at a compound in Pakistan that ended with a headshot for the man responsible…
Kettering Students Run Detroit To Flint For Cancer
If you listen to my radio show on a regular basis, you'll hear me throw a shout out to the nerds that go to Kettering.  They really deserve it this time, as 6 of them ran 65 miles from Detroit to Flint to raise money for cancer research.
Flint Metal Band: It Lies Within EP Teaser [VIDEO]
Our good friends from IT LIES WITHIN just posted this cool video teaser, promoting their upcoming 'Chrysalis' EP. Also, the band will be performing with Asking Alexandria and Chiodos on April 8th, at the Machine Shop. To get your tickets to the show, click here.

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