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RC Car Teaches Kid the Real Meaning of Pain [VIDEO]
I used to try to run my R.C. cars over everything when I was a kid. But I never thought about running it over or driving it into a person. Guess I just figured it wouldn't hurt that bad, so, whats the point? Well, now I wish I would have tried it, because apparently it does cause pain. Lots of …
Turn a Drill into A Shot Gun [VIDEO]
The same guy who showed you how to make an Oreo slingshot shows you how to turn a cordless drill into a shotgun. Well, maybe not a shotgun, more like a nautilus wooden wheel firing giant ball bearings ridiculously fast. Either way it's still cool.
Watch Joey Chestnut Punish and Devour 69 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes
The rules are simple – eat all the hotdogs you can, keep them down and do it within 10 minutes.
Traditional sports enthusiasts may not place hot dog eating in the same ranks as football, baseball and boxing, but after watching this video, there is no possible way to deny that these fiends of th…
So There’s Beer And Bacon-Scented Soap Now
Love the smell of bacon, beer, and other "manly" meats, drinks and things of this world? Would you like to smell like this stuff all the time? Well, you don't have to bathe in a tub full of beer to smell like the frothy stuff, just order some beer-scented ManHands soap.
Kate Upton Wants You To Buy A Mercedes [VIDEO]
I highly doubt Kate Upton will ever wash your car, well unless you have a Mercedes-Benz. That will make your odds a little better. Check out Ms. Upton in a hot new commercial for the automobile giant! Do you think anyone will even notice the car?
To Kill or Not to Kill… Your Mustache
You might think shaving off that "mouth brow" is a smart decision, but is it really? Before you take the plunge, enjoy a few of these activities that can only be enjoyed by guys (and some girls) with a 'stache.
Cures for a Hangover – Last Man Standing
It’s going to happen, probably more than once or twice in your life. You’ll be out with your buddies, on the town, cruising the bars, knocking back beers and shots of tequila and whiskey. Or perhaps someone will challenge your drinking prowess, and you defend your honor with a booze-guzzling contest…

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