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Can You Guess The Celebrity Cleavage?
This 25-year-old South African model has appeared on the covers of South African Sports Illustrated, FHM South Africa, GQ South Africa, the US GQ (with Lonely Island) and Stuff. Yeah, she’s real big in South Africa.
Check Out This Luxurious 258 Square-Foot Bachelor Pad
Yes, it is actually luxurious. When Christian Schallert first showed his mother the apartment he had bought in Barcelona, she wasn’t sure what he had gotten himself into. The apartment, no bigger than a single room in an American house, was tiny, dark and dank. But not for long.
How To Weaponize Your Office Supplies
Have you ever been in an office situation where you absolutely had to perform violent physical mayhem on someone but didn’t have a weapon handy to do it with? Holy coincidence us too! Well, we’ve got you covered.
Man Drinks A Bottle Of Vodka In 15 Seconds
‘Shoenice22′ is a YouTube star who consumes strange products, like a bottle of sunscreen, or normal products in a strange manner, like a dozen raw eggs and shells. In his latest video, ShoeNice drinks a bottle of vodka in 15 seconds. Watch (and
New Condoms Let You Brag Online About Using Them
You’ve probably heard of the social media check-in site Foursquare. All those “I’m the mayor of Burger King!” posts can be annoying, but there’s another site whose updates may be far more interesting — because it lets you report where and when you last had safe se…
How to Deal With the Total Failure of Your Fantasy Football Team
Winter is a magical time of year. People are nicer because of the holidays. The first brisk and invigorating hints of winter grace your city. And, of course, your fantasy football team poops themselves during fantasy playoffs, like a child that can’t find a toilet so he silently craps his shor…
Why Your Girl Fakes It
Let's face it guys; we know our girls fake the 'big O' from time to time -- we just deal with it. Well, most deal with it, others take it to heart -- as a guy you shouldn't do that -- if it was up to us we would be done as soon as we finish, but since we sorta care for these chic…

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