Can You Actually Be Scared … to Death?
The next time you think it would be funny to scare the living daylights out of someone, you might want to consider this: medical experts say that an intense fright can severely stun the heart, enough even to kill a perfectly healthy human being.
Colonel Sanders has the Original Recipe for Horror[VIDEO]
Colonel Sanders has been striking fear into the hearts of children since 1967 with his creepy ads. Now after being posted to Reddit a few hours ago this gif has found its way into peoples feeds and on the front page at a frighteningly fast pace. Coincidentally, all people who've viewed this hav…
Chris Brown Was Totally Offensive for Halloween
We hope when people asked Chris Brown what he was for Halloween, he answered, "I'm offensive." That is maybe the only thing that would make the terrorist outfit he donned with pals cool. Of course he probably didn't. Would we be upset if anybody else had done this for Hal…
The Best 2012 Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Maybe it's the $2,000 wig, maybe it's that we wound up using some really old makeup we found under the sink (thanks, Sandy), but something makes celebrity Halloween costumes seem more glamorous than ours. Here are just a few of our favorites from this year. And yes, that is Ellen DeGeneres dressed u…

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