Rhian Sugden Touches Herself For a Very Good Cause [VIDEO]
There are many different ways to participate in Movember and bring awareness to men's health. I think it's very important that guys check themselves for testicular cancer and super model Rhian Sugden feels the very same. In this video you will see her touch herself in ways you can't e…
Sex Positive: A Healthy Sexual Appetite Doesn’t Make You a Slut
For some, the thought of being “sex positive” may sound more like a counter culture of promiscuous flesh fiends infecting every willing partner with a vicious strain of Siamese jungle clap rather than what it actually is – just having a strong and positive outlook towards bumping u…
Boob Shaped Weights Coming To America
If you crave some excitement when it comes to working out, then here is your answer! Say hello to boob shaped weights! Whatever your fitness level or taste for that matter, you are in luck - these boobie weights come in small, medium and large!
Chick Gets Blasted by a Runaway Dumpster [VIDEO]
This video shows exactly why you should always have your head on a swivel when you're at a music festival. Runaway dumpster are everywhere, this one goes barreling down a hill and knocks one unsuspecting girl senseless!!! Yeah, she's probably gonna need a doctor...

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