Prancercise – Chris Monroe’s Training Video Revealed
Chris Monroe has been training for a big run coming up and we wondered what kind of training he actually does. His girlfriend Heather was able to sneak this out of their apartment and get it to us without his knowledge. Finally we get to see the training video that Chris uses to prepare for a big ru…
Student Caught on Camera Peeing in Teachers Coffee Pot [VIDEO]
What is it about teenagers in Missouri peeing in peoples drinks. Almost a month ago I gave you a story about a high school girls basketball team that pee'd in their opponents water cooler. Now a 16-year-old student in St. Joseph Missouri is peeing the teachers coffee pot.
9 & 10 Year-Old Boys Save Baby With CPR Knowledge [VIDEO]
Surprise, I have a story to tell that does not involve animal sex or elderly prostitutes! Two young boys are being hailed as true lifesavers. 9-year-old Rocky Hurt and 10-year-old Ethan Wilson of Atlanta were able to stay calm and give proper CPR instruction to a mother when her small baby was not b…
Woman Has World’s Strongest Vagina [VIDEO]
I know a vagina is capable of many things. Lifting a weight with a vagina? That I did not know was possible. Check out Tatyana Kozhevnikova, this Russian woman holds the Guinness World Record for vagina weightlifting. Sure a vagina can take a punch, but lift weights? Prepare to be amazed or really g…

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