If You Have Two Minutes, You Have Time for a Great Workout
We have all seen those annoying late night commercials advertising ridiculous fitness products catering to a fat and lazy population looking to get into shape with minimal effort.
Well, turns out there might actually be something to all this minimal effort business.
New Research Reveals Overweight Teens Get Bad Grades
There are many dangers that can come from being an overweight or obese teenager, including the risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, Type-2 diabetes and stroke.
However, new research indicates that teens suffering from obesity might be at risk for acquiring more than just poor hea…
Why Do We Eat Fast Food So, Well, Fast?
There are times when the dining area of a fast food joint looks more like the savage confines of an arctic wolf den with a pack of mangy inhabitants tearing a bloated caribou limb from limb.
Woman Has 100 Orgasms a Day
Having an orgasm should be like putting on deodorant, it needs to happen every day.  But even if you're the type of person who puts deodorant on 2 or 3 times a day, you've gotta admit hundreds of times per day is a lot.  Especially since we're really talking about orgasms, n…

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