New Research Reveals Egg Yolk Is As Unhealthy as Cigarettes
Just short of playing Russian roulette at the breakfast table, the consensus seems to be that we are all doomed without a doubt, as the latest chapter of the great American death machine has just revealed that eating egg yolk may be just as bad as smoking cigarettes.
So what in the name of Joe Camel …
Have Another! Researchers Say Booze Helps Creativity at Work
For time eternal, musicians, writers and artists have had a special relationship with booze. Alcoholism does have a genetic component, but new research indicates something else may be responsible for the drunken antics of your favorite rock stars: knocking back a few makes people more creative.
Michigan Is Getting Fatter
It doesn't matter if you're a Spartan or Wolverine, Yooper or Troll, Team Rock or Team Seger, if you live in Michigan, odds are you're fat and getting fatter.  Check out the details on how Michigan is becoming the Muffin Top Mitten.

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