What is Mud Factor?
We've been receiving a ton of questions asking, 'What exactly is Mud Factor?' Is it a race or just for fun? Why is it called 'hardcore'? Let us help you out and answer a few of these intriguing questions.
McDonald’s Uses Michigan Products And They’re Proud Of It
Considering you can't drive 2 miles in Michigan without seeing a McDonald's, it's good to know that the company is spending some of their money in the state.  Check out why Ronald McDonald is getting cozy with Governor Snyder, and they are both bragging about it.
800 Pound Bride Fitted for Wedding Dress [VIDEO]
Women usually gain weight after getting married, not before.  Susanne Eman who aspires to be the world's fattest woman ever, has recently been fitted for the largest wedding dress ever made.  In case you are curious about the groom, she ate him.  Just kidding, he is actually a ch…
Medical Marijuana Vending Machine
It's amazing how many options there are for medical marijuana in the Flint area, but as far as I know, we do not have a medical marijuana vending machine. If we did, it should be put it right next to actual vending machines, and watch the profits roll in.
Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws Remain Unclear
Medical marijuana laws in Michigan have been hazy since the law was passed in 2008, and things aren't looking much clearer.  Check out the details regarding medical marijuana, driving, and a possible statewide legalization.
Baby Born With Eight Legs
Pakistani doctors are doing all they can to keep a baby boy alive who was born with a parasitic twin attached to his abdomen, resulting in 8 legs.
According to The Sun, parasitic twins form when twin embryos fail to fully separate in the womb.  This is incredibly rare and occurs in about one in…

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