5 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee
If you need a cup of coffee (or five) to get yourself going in the morning, good news: Coffee is actually good for you! Recent studies show the antioxidant-packed drink can help lower the risk of certain diseases.
Here are just a few health benefits of coffee from American Live Wire:
Tips for Surviving Seasonal Allergies
Spring is here, which is awesome! That also means allergy season is here, which is not awesome. As someone who has seasonal allergies, I always appreciate some guidance on how to keep those stinkin' allergies under control.
Heroin Epidemic Spreading Across Michigan
Heroin is becoming an epidemic in Michigan. Experts say that with prescription painkillers becoming more expensive and difficult to get, many pill-popping opiate junkies have made the switch to smack.
8 Food Facts That Will Freak You Out [VIDEO]
Here you will hear 8 facts about different foods that will make you sick to your stomach including hamburger meat, Chicken, hot dogs, honey, Greek yogurt, shrimp and maraschino cherries. I need to need to rethink my food intake because this is disturbing.
Meet The Woman With The Biggest Booty on The Planet [VIDEO]
Meet Sarah Massey from Chicago, she has the biggest butt on the planet and isn't ashamed one bit. Get this, she is a solid 7 feet around and full of life. You would think someone carrying this much ass around would be at least a little embarrassed going out in public, that's not the case w…
Father Performs Breast Implant Surgery on Daughters [VIDEO]
The title of this story is pretty creepy, simply because it is. These two women have had reconstructive surgery of some sort since the age of 10 and I think because of this they don't value what life is really about. Don't get me wrong, I love a sweet boob job but life is so much more than…

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