Stone Sour Cover ‘Love Gun’ by Kiss [VIDEO]
Stone Sour are currently on the road with Pop Evil and from what I hear it's a sold out show just about every night. Stone Sour does something at the end of their set called " The cover song of the night" at this particular show in Cleveland, they rocked a version 'Love G…
‘White People Crazy’ Video is Crazy Ass Funny!
I cannot stop laughing at this video and as far as getting the song out of your head after watching it, well good luck with that! Allow me to introduce to you Rawcus, I don't know much about him other than he wrote a funny ass song about white people doing crazy ass things. Even Michael Jackson…
Digital Summer Release ‘This City’ Video
Digital Summer just released the video for their song 'This City' from the bands latest acoustic album 'After Hours: Unplugged & Rewired'. This album was by far my favorite release in 2013 and is available here. If you're a fan of acoustic albums, this is a must buy.

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