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Jesus Down! Actor Falls From Cross During Performance [VIDEO]
WWJD if someone is playing him and falls from a cross? Does the real Jesus save the fake Jesus? You will have to watch the video below to see because yes, this scenario actually happened in Guatemala. A lot of people act like 'Gods', if you are one of those people - I would be real careful…
Stairs FAIL – Woman Bites It At Nightclub [VIDEO]
I have said it before and I will say it again - I love when people fall. As long as they are not elderly or a small child. Everyone else is fair game! Check out this video from across the pond. A chick at a nightclub used stairs as a slide! Look out below! I am guessing alcohol was NOT a factor - ju…
Woman Disappears During Live TV Broadcast [VIDEO]
There has to be a reasonable explanation as to why a woman appears to vanish during a live TV interview. There is no audio on this video, it doesn't matter. What does matter is the woman to the left of the screen that disappears! Now you see her - now you don't! Where the eff did she go?
Bye Felicia! BMW Filmed Sinking [VIDEO]
I have heard of throwing pennies into water to make a wish, but never a BMW. A person walking along the River Thames in England, recorded footage of just that. So where the heck was the owner? He or she was not in the vehicle. Insurance job perhaps?
Teens Found Alive After Missing For Nearly a Year [VIDEO]
Police were looking for now 16-year old Shaeleen  and 14-year old Kylea Fortner from New York State for 11 months before they were found alive earlier this week. While waiting for the school bus back in April of 2015 when a family acquaintance took both girls against their will.
Tiger Loose On Highway [VIDEO]
The chances of any of us seeing a tiger on any highway are slim and none. I would guess the only time it would happen is if the circus was in town, and one got loose. That being said in other parts of the world it can happen and did - in Qatar.

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