‘Tattoo Roulette’ Results In Permanent Crappy Ink [VIDEO]
Breaking news, tattoos are permanent. Yes, I know you can have them removed but it is costly and painful. Nonetheless, crappy tattoos or beautiful tattoos - most of us will ours forever. That being said, why would someone intentionally get a terrible tat? It happens and you can see it happen in this…
Irate Customer Takes It In The Face [VIDEO]
I am sure most of us have lost it at a restaurant over the wrong order, maybe just not as bad as this woman. Watch as a hot blonde freaks out on two employees over green and red peppers. Who knows if this is set up, but the end result is funny!
Woman Busted For Huffing Inside Of Walmart [VIDEO]
The picture of this woman alone should be enough to scare everyone straight! Melissa Ann Wright, 32, was caught by fellow Walmart shoppers huffing a can of Ultra Duster. What is UD you ask? It is a liquefied gas typically used to dust off computers. Huffing it can lead to many health issues and caus…

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