Dads React As Daughters Get Catcalled On Street [VIDEO]
Oh hell! If you are a father or a mother for that matter, the thought of your daughter being harassed and catcalled on the street most likely infuriates you. What about watching it happen? Some dads did exactly that, see their reactions here. Trust me, I have witnessed girls getting called out worse…
Cyclist Pedals On Through Semi Truck Crash [VIDEO]
This SOB needs to buy a lottery ticket ASAP! A bicycle rider somehow survived a major semi truck crash. This clown just pedaled on through! Once you watch this video, you will agree this cyclist is the luckiest person in the world. At least until a new video trumps it.
Maggot Removed From Inside Woman’s Lip [VIDEO]
If you are trying not to eat - watch this. If you are eating right now, you should stop. If you can watch this without getting sick to your stomach you are a trooper and obviously not easily grossed out. A woman went to a doctor after she noticed her face swelling. Turns there was a maggot in her li…

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