Groundhog Gets Head Stuck In Can [VIDEO]
Good thing we are not depending on this groundhog to see his shadow - how can it when its head is in a can? I guess it is better than up its ass! I am not sure who called the cops, but they were on the scene to uncork the creature.
Little Girl Kicked By Pony On Live TV [VIDEO]
If I said I laughed a little at this does that make me a bad person? A little girl in New Jersey is internet famous after a video of her getting kicked by a pony on live TV has gone viral. I don't know if this is quite 'When Animals Attack' - but it is pretty damn close.
Meth Lab Discovered At Taco Bell [VIDEO]
Is this what happens when fast food workers don't get paid fifteen dollars an hour? They turn all 'Breaking Bad'? A Taco Bell employee in Iowa is out of a job after using the fast food kitchen as a meth lab. Apparently there is a meal after 'Fourth Meal' - it's 'Me…

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