Oh Deer! Deer Crashes College Campus [VIDEO]
For deer hunters October and November are the most wonderful time of the year. For drivers, not so much. I have hit a deer before and I do not care to again. However, it is not just automobiles that deer run into. Windows are also on the list.
Girl Eats Up To 20 Sponges A Day [VIDEO]
Nothing really surprises me anymore. You? Probably not so much. People say, do and eat a lot of effed up things. A sponge, that is a strange thing to eat. Not to this girl. Emma Thompson suffers from Pica.
Kids Choose Cleaning Products Over Toys In Scary Experiment
Toxins or toys? If given the choice, what do you think your child would pick? You may be surprised. In a recent experiment kids were given just that option. Unfortunately 82 percent went for the poisonous cleaning products. Not good. I hope you don't need me to tell you to keep cleaning product…
Buyers Beware! Open House Of Horrors [VIDEO]
Most of us have been to a real estate open house. If you have not, let me tell you the seller as well as the real estate agent want everything to be perfect, or at least appear that way. A haunted house is not a perfect house, but it sure is funny to watch the reaction of potential buyers!

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