92-Year-Old Man Sings Love Song To Dying Wife [VIDEO]
I am not sure what makes me cry more, the old man singing in this video or the fact that I will most likely die alone. Howard and Laura have been married for 73 years, can you imagine? Footage of Howard singing to his beloved wife has gone viral. Although, Laura is almost blind, you can see her &apo…
Woman Allegedly Bites Boyfriend’s Balls Off [VIDEO]
As if having your balls bit off is not crazy enough - the victim still wants to be with the woman who did it! WTF? Martinne Patricia Delavega of North Carolina is being charged with 'malicious castration'. The victim was stitched up and he could have permanent damage. It gets better, the m…
Robot Says ‘F*** You’ On BBC TV [VIDEO]
Is saying 'F*** You' robot speak for 'Good Morning'? If so - I say good morning A LOT! Check out this footage of Linda the robot saying 'F*** You' to a BBC morning show host. Linda apparently was attempting to say 'Thank You' - but it does not sound like that!…
Whale Breaches On Kayakers [VIDEO]
I would have freaked right the eff out! Check out this footage of a breaching whale springing from the water and landing on two kayakers. Luckily the pair were not directly hit by the huge whale and made it safely to shore. After you see the footage, you will know just how incredible that is!

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