Michigan Researchers Spend $500,000 Studying Feral Hogs
In an attempt to rid the area of wild hogs, researchers with Michigan State University in conjunction with the University of Michigan – Flint plan to strap radio collars on about 20 feral swine in order to study their habits for the next five years.
Jet Ski Pizza Is a Novelty on Michigan’s Long Lake
There is nothing worse than catching a beer buzz on the lake and then being forced to navigate the boat back to shore to pick up the pizza you just ordered from across the way. Not only can this drunken journey open a person up to incident and injury, but there is also a damn good chance you will be…
Monroe’s Top Five Needed Items For Any Tubing Trip
Summer is upon us my friends and if you are heading up north to go tubing, check out my list of the top five things you will need. This weekend I'm off to Luzerne for a weekend trip. So brothers and sisters of "The 8th Annual Bro's and Ho's Tubing Trip," I will see y…

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