Dude Destroys a Traffic Light with a Huge Icicle [VIDEO]
With all the preemptive wintry weather we've had and all that is still on the way. Here's a video to remind you how dangerous icicles can be. Check out this guy in Russia who's job it is to knock them off the side of a building. As he chips away at one, a huge chunk of ice falls of an…
Unbelievable Bike Back Flip, Biggest in History [VIDEO]
Mountain biker Cam Zink pulled off one hell of a bike back flip at this years Red Bull Rampage in Utah. Zink made a 78-foot jump, the biggest freeride mountain bike step-down back flip in history, according to Red Bull. I couldn't even walk down this mountain, let alone ride down it!
Skateboard Tricks Look Sick With Chalk in the Mix [VIDEO]
I don't know about you, but even though I couldn't even dare to dream of getting on a skateboard and try to pull off a simple ollie, I still love skateboarding and all the amazing tricks these dudes can do. And these slow-motion tricks will change the way you look at skateboarding.
Trick Golf Shot Turns Into Free Tongue Piercing [VIDEO]
My first impression when I found this video on YouTube was, at what point does this become a good idea? Then I saw one of them had a beer in his hand. I think it all explains its self from here. By the way, look for Monroe trying this shot next season at Bad Golfers League.
10 Life Hacks for Summer
Summer doesn't have to be all sticky fingers and screaming in outrage at overly buoyant straws. It turns out it's actually quite easy to enjoy the best season of the year -- all you need are these few simple life hacks. (And to man up and increase your tolerance for high temperatures.)

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