Motorcyclist Brake Checks Car, Gets Nailed [VIDEO]
Ok, so I'm all about motorcycles and their right to be out on the road as much as the next guy. I also think that in the summertime people should just expect bikes to be out on the road and thus drivers should look twice before making a move or lane change...
Monroe’s Training Continues, Warrior Dash and Crim Are Next
I'm not going to lie kids, this endeavor is a lot tougher than I thought. However, I will complete it. My stamina in running is getting way better. When I started training, I couldn't go half a mile without stopping in fear of my chest exploding. Now, I can go three or four miles with …
Python Wrangling Goes Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
Y'know, its situations like this that cause people to end up like Steve Irwin, if you know what I mean. So why you'd want to get into this line of work is still beyond me. Watch as this guy almost loses a few appendages and find out what beverage snakes don't like.
Dude Puts Up Shower To Prevent People Peeing on His Building [VIDEO]
When you live in a building that has some kind of alley nearby phantom pissers are everywhere. Well, it appears that one building superintendent isn't havin' it. He set up a shower on the wall where people prefer to pee on his building; so when people pee on his building, it pees back.
Michigan Lawmakers Regulate Common Sense and Fireworks
Michigan residents could have a less than explosive summer. That’s because lawmakers are considering an amendment to the state’s fireworks laws because even though they generated a substantial amount of revenue last summer, they also produced a lynch mob of complainants.
Skydiving Grandma Slips Out of Harness During Dive [VIDEO]
While other elderly people spend the latter part of their years playing it safe hoping to eek out an extra birthday or two. 81-year-old Laverne Everett is a lady who craves excitement. Which is why she chose to go skydiving for her birthday...
Girls Falls Off Bike and Get Stuck Between Tire and Fender [VIDEO]
Since we've had a couple nice days this week I've been seeing a few bikes out on the roadways, which is awesome. However, I think before the riding season gets fully underway I feel I should just remind everyone to make sure your playin' it safe out there. Also make sure if your letti…

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