Korn — Banana Birthday Bash 2014 [PICS]
Korn put on an amazing show on Friday night for the Banana Birthday Bash, they sound so good. It was so cool to watch the band perform at a venue that hasn't had entertainment like this in decades. Check out Minty's killer pics from the show.
The Perani Is Ready For Korn, Are You? [PICS]
Tonight is the night! Come join us tonight at Perani Arena for the Banana 20th Birthday Bash featuring Korn, Otherwise, and Avatar! Tickets are still available and you can even win some tickets at the pre-party with Maggie Meadows!
Starset – The Machine Shop 9/12/14 [PICS]
Starset rolled through The Machine Shop this past Friday night for a Banana 101.5 low Dough Show. I would have to say, this was the first time a band played wearing full blown spacesuits. Check out the pics here.
Battlecross — Dirt Fest 2014 [PICS]
When it comes to metal, Battlecross were the kings of Dirt Fest 2014. It started with the fans chanting Battlecross then they started chanting Kaleb which is frontman Gumby's son (coolest thing I saw all day), and then the metal started. It truly was a badass band to watch from start to finish.
Nonpoint — Dirt Fest 2014 [PICS]
There's no doubt that Nonpoint put on one of the best performances at Dirt Fest this past weekend. Elias had that crowd jumping around like nobody else, reminding all of us how important they still are to the rock world. In my opinion, they simply killed it!

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