Rock Fail

The Worst Mosh Pit Ever [VIDEO]
I've seen plenty of mosh pits in my day, this one has to be the worst. It seems like they want to get rowdy, but looks like the teacher already yelled at them to keep their hands to themselves. It's pretty sad.
The One Thing Every Rock Person Should Avoid
If there was only one solid message that I could get out into the world of rock-ish type people it would be this: STOP USING BLEEDING COWBOYS FONT FOR YOUR LOGO! Most people don't necessarily know the exact name of this font style, but we've all seen it.
Some of the Best Crowd Surfing Fails Ever [VIDEO]
I have been to hundreds of rock shows in my life.  One thing that I have never attempted to do is crowd surf.  Partially because I don't like the idea of a ton of people touching me, but the main reason is I can't trust that the people around me care if I make it or not.  Ch…
The Greatest Guitar Swing Fail Ever [VIDEO]
I've watched some serious guitar fails in my day but this has to be one of my favorites. Watch the guitar player on the right as he is going to attempt to swing his guitar around his neck but unfortunately for him something tragic happens instead. I laughed so hard the first time I watched this…

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