Michigan Creation Summit Links Evolution to Hitler
Creationists will gather in Michigan over the weekend to discuss how they believe evolutionary theories are responsible for the murderous ways of Adolf Hitler. The Origin Summit, which is schedule to take place Saturday at Michigan State University, is a veritable brainwashing conference held to sel…
NASA Rocket Explodes During Launch [VIDEO]
A NASA rocket filled with supplies for the International Space Station exploded during it's launch Tuesday (10/28/14) evening. The rocket was unmanned but there was major damage to the launch facilities.
Michigan Nurses Claim Unpreparedness When It Comes to Ebola
Although there is no immediate threat of an Ebola epidemic sweeping Michigan and turning it into a scene from the 1995 film ‘Outbreak’, medical professionals claim that if the deadly virus does infect the state, the chances of anyone making it out alive are slim.
Michigan Researchers Spend $500,000 Studying Feral Hogs
In an attempt to rid the area of wild hogs, researchers with Michigan State University in conjunction with the University of Michigan – Flint plan to strap radio collars on about 20 feral swine in order to study their habits for the next five years.
Former Michigan Brew Scientist Says We Need Longer-Lasting Head
The majority of brew connoisseurs and wild-eyed drunkards never stop to consider the science behind the head they get with beer. No, we are not talking about the kind of head you might get while sucking down massive amounts of cheap draft beer in the back alley of a local dive bar, but the head that…

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