All Girl Band Attempts to Sing While Having Orgasms [VIDEO]
This is the most clever form of marketing I've ever seen in my life. This all girl Dutch band called ADAM posted a video of the three ladies attempting to sing while all are having orgasms. Needless to say they couldn't get through the song but they finished something else that they starte…
Revenge Porn Could Soon Be Banned In Michigan
Revenge porn, the slimy art of posting sexually explicit photos or videos of an ex on the Internet, could soon be banned in Michigan. State lawmakers recently introduced a piece of legislation that would make it illegal to post smut captured during past relationships without written consent.
14 Sex Facts You Won’t Believe Are True [VIDEO]
Of all the sex facts I have in front of me here, I think the one that is most important to point out is the one that talks about sperm and how it contains anti-wrinkle properties. I've been telling the ladies this for years and finally I have a little something to back up my case. Check out all…

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