13 Most Epic Michigan Tattoos on Instagram [PHOTOS]
As someone who has gone back and forth for years about getting a tattoo, I can appreciate someone committing to a piece... even if it is "ragretful."  Nothing is more sure on this earth than the love Michiganders feel for the state, so it's no surprise that a lot of them …
Why Tattoos Are so Expensive [VIDEO]
The one thing Flint has, is a lot of tattoo shops. Now I suppose that's a good problem to have but which one do you go to? Some people like go right to the guy that will do the cheapest work because tattoos can be expensive.
15 Insane Face Tattoos [VIDEO]
It's my belief that you can do whatever you want with your own body, to each is own. Now with said, if you do something crazy and completely cover your face with tattoos, expect people to point and talk about it. Let's be honest, that was your intention in the first place.
Learn What Makes Tattoos Permanent [VIDEO]
It's no secret that a lot of people in Flint are covered in ink. Have ever wanted to know exactly what takes place during a tattoo procedure? Like, if humans shed so much dead skin, how are tattoos permanent?

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