Check Out the First Wave of Knot Your Best Tattoo Contestants
Strange Daze Tattoos and Banana 101.5 are teaming up to send one horribly tattooed person to Knot Fest and up to $300 in new ink to cover that turd. We've received a decent amount of submissions thus far and figured you would these terrible tats as much as we do, so here you go.
Tattoo Removal is Faster Than I Thought
I hear tattoo removal is really painful but this guy seems to take it like a real champ, at least for his first session. I thought the process was a lot slower than this though, she really removed that ink really fast. Tattoo removal is becoming more popular and the most popular tattoo that is getti…
Five of the Worst Tattoos on Flickr
Tattoos! Some make you look badass and some are just awful. Take a look around you, or even at some of your own work, some people may have been hacked by a so-called artist, while others just have no clue as to what they are getting. Take a look at the five worst tattoos on Flickr
How to Tattoo a Banana
Tattooing a banana is something that never entered my mind but then working for a radio station named after one didn't either. This is actually really cool and seems really easy even if you are as unskilled as I am. The video shows some of the cool art this guy created and even explains how to …
New Vagina Art Called Vattooing
Let's face the facts people, there are some ugly vaginas in the world.  But thanks to the newest form of vaginal art, Vatooing, some of that ugliness can be hidden.  You can expect to see this in a strip club near you soon!
How to Get Rid of a Tattoo [INFOGRAPHIC]
Ever wish you get rid of your ex's name tattoo on your chest, or maybe you have a 'tramp stamp' that says 'Enter Here' that you had done after a long night of binge drinking. Look no further, we have the infographic that can help you out.
This fun and colorful breaks down the stats on tattoos and the…
Man Has Passport Tattooed on His Back
I am one of those people that loses things.  I can't even count how many times I have lost my credit card, money or keys. However, I don't think I would have any of those things permanently tattooed on my body.  Well, maybe my keys - if the tattoo could actually start my car!
Richard Ashton who has d…

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