The Worst Tattoos Ever
This is a compilation video of some of the worst tattoos out there. We're seeing  some major fails here that make you wonder, what in the hell were these people thinking? But at the same time, we have to thank these people for the morons that they are because they always provide us with so…
Misspelled Tattoo Means a Lifetime of Regret [PHOTO]
There’s nothing wrong with an inspirational tattoo, but a spelling error can mean a lifetime of regret and ridicule. A Huffington Post reader recently submitted a photo of himself which shows brand-new ink that should have read “Believe and Achieve.” However, it’s missing sev…
Local Beauty Needs Your Votes for Inked Magazine
If you don't know Magen Kosteniuk, it is time to meet her!  Magen is from Flint and has a great shot at being featured in Inked Girls Magazine.  Out of over 500 entries, Magen has made it into the top 50!  To advance she needs your vote!
Tattooed Barbie Concerns Some Parents
I am not a parent, but I know plenty of parents and plenty of those parents have tattoos.  Even Barbie has tattoos now.  Yep, the blond bombshell is sporting ink now and some people think it sends a negative message to our youth.
Some parents that were interviewed believe Mattel is sending an inappro…
Woman Screams in Pain While Getting First Tattoo
I'm sure this will be her first and last tattoo! This woman will not stop screaming and moving around in the chair while getting her first taste of a tattoo. The tattoo artist is just trying to do  his job and she makes is impossible to continue. Listen to how she talks and makes up her ow…
Dave Navarro to Host Spike TV Series, ‘Ink Master’
Dave Navarro is no stranger to reality TV shows. After all, who can forget MTV’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave’ with then-fiance Carmen Electra, CBS’ ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ and ‘Rock Star: INXS?’ Now, Navarro is back in the reality TV game, as Spike TV has confirmed the tattooed guitarist…
Guy Gets Tattoo And Freaks Out
A lot of people are nervous about their first tattoo.  This dude is a whiny bitch about his.  Check out what happens when a dude in an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt gets inked.
Extremely Painful Tattoo Removal (NSFW)
Some people would get laser removal or maybe think about a cover up. Not this guy, his dumb ass decided to go the redneck way of removing a tattoo. Man, this guy can really handle some pain or he's too stupid to realize that he's even in pain.
This is the reason why you should NEVER get som…

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