Android Wear to Replace Old School Wrist Watch [VIDEO]
Android Developers are extending their Android platform to wearables and starting with the wrist watch. I think this concept is really cool but I don't think I would ever wear one of these because I'm not a big wrist watch guy anyway. Plus I have my cell phone right in my pocket that does …
Pizza Hut Looking at a Futuristic Interactive Concept Table [VIDEO]
The folks over at Pizza Hut are taking a look at an interactive concept table that could be the future of the Pizza Hut dine-in ordering experience. This is like something right out of a sci-fi movie and would truly making dinning in fun again. Would you dine in more if this was an option at your lo…
Hoverboard Is Obviously Fake Viral Marketing — Or is it? [VIDEO]
Yesterday a swarm of celebs came together in L.A. for a Back to the Future-themed ad campaign for a real-life hoverboard. And they did it in less than 25 years after the movie debuted that made us fall in love with flying skateboards. Yes! finally they're here! Except they're not.
Dude Builds His Own Real Life Batarang [VIDEO]
Looks like this dude is just in time to snag a licensing agreement for the Batman v. Superman flick. What's his product? A real life Batarang. Now all we need are a couple criminals to thump with this thing and see if it'll still return.
Dude Gets Trolled By a Hacker Using His Own IP Camera [Video]
In this day and age of the "Internets"; hackers truly are everywhere and can get into anything they want, including your webcam. Watch as this disconcerted desk jockey decides to call tech support because his webcam starts to play "Every Breath You Take" by The Po…

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