Dude Builds His Own Real Life Batarang [VIDEO]
Looks like this dude is just in time to snag a licensing agreement for the Batman v. Superman flick. What's his product? A real life Batarang. Now all we need are a couple criminals to thump with this thing and see if it'll still return.
Dude Gets Trolled By a Hacker Using His Own IP Camera [Video]
In this day and age of the "Internets"; hackers truly are everywhere and can get into anything they want, including your webcam. Watch as this disconcerted desk jockey decides to call tech support because his webcam starts to play "Every Breath You Take" by The Po…
This Guy Has the Art of Making Vine Videos Mastered [Video]
L.A. video artist Zach King, might be the best Vine video poster out there. People are comparing them to "magic" tricks because it's tough to figure out how he does some of them. Although some of them actually have special effects, most of his stuff is just straight up cl…

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