Watch 5 MLB Pitches, All at Once [VIDEO]
Ok, this is an amazing and awesome use of technology by a Reddit user named DShep. I think the networks should look at using this during games to show the range and depth of a pitcher.
YouTube Goes Analog With VHS Mode [VIDEO]
YouTube unveiled a new feature to help celebrate the 57th anniversary of the first VHS recorder. This is weird cause I was watching VHS videos yesterday (Nostalgia trip), so I kinda feel like I've started a trend, kinda, but not really.
Is the Internet Making Me Dumber? [TEST]
Are you concerned that all the time you spend on the Internet might be making you stupid? If you answered "yes" -- or especially if you replied with "Huh?" -- you should probably take this test to see if the Internet is making you dumber.
New Smartphone App Predicts Penis Size
This recently developed app claims it can predict the size of a man’s erection with nearly the same accuracy as a crooked bookie in a horserace. Dr. Chris Culligan says his Predicktor app is a fun and interactive way to help all of those guys walking around with “little pecker syndrome&r…
Science Could Be Close to Mapping Out Alien Worlds
Scientists are making revolutionary advancements in how they study alien planets. Recently, astronomers discovered that they could use the process of reflecting starlight in order to create composite maps of unknown worlds that would enable them to define pertinent aspects of planetary life, such as…

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