Free Running in LED Suits [VIDEO]
Everybody has seen those videos where people free run or as some people call it parkour.  It's basically just running, jumping and flipping over stuff, but it's incredibly bad ass, especially when you put the runners in LED light suits.
Fully Functional Transformer [VIDEO]
One day we are going to look back and say "This is where it all started." This fully functional remote control transformer is so badass. Check out the video to watch it in full force and see what it can do.
5 Flint Smartphone Apps We Need Now
There is no denying that The People of Flint, like myself are extremely proud to call The Vehicle City their home and I think our smartphones should reflect our Flint pride. We work hard and play harder (that isn't an erection reference, but feel free to giggle) we demand apps tailored to our n…
10 Awesome Facts About the Internet You Didn’t Know
And because we can't do cat videos all day every day,* here are ten amazing facts about the internet. From how many likes there are on Facebook daily to the actual weight of the internet, this video just might blow your mind. (Hence the title.) Learn something new today, so you can watch a cat …
Yo! Home – Apartment of The Future
I can't even imagine trying to live in a big city, spending thousands of dollars in rent, just to live in a tiny apartment. Simon Woodroffe has created something from out of the future that basically allows the transformation of a tiny apartment into a big one.

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