Say Goodbye To Your Mouse and Keyboard [VIDEO]
Technology is awesome and moving extremely fast, as we see here with this computer that has no need for a mouse or keyboard. For the first time ever, you can control your computer in three dimensions with your hand and finger movement. The LEAP technology is 200 hundred times more accurate than anyt…
Sea Lion Vehicle Makes All Your James Bond Fantasies Come True
Imagine tearing down the highway at 180 mph, then careening off a pier, having your ride transform into a watercraft and burning through the wet stuff at 60 mph. What used to be the stuff of James Bond fantasies is now reality, in the form of the Sea Lion, an amphibious beast created by inventor Mar…
A Real Life Transformer
Those of you that think robots will one day take over the earth, here's your ammo. I don't think that will ever happen, however I do think this is effing awesome. Yesterday it was real life light sabers and now this, what will tomorrow bring?
Company Plans to Mine Asteroids
I'm a huge sci-fi nut, so when I heard about this company and their plans to mine asteroids, I instantly got a huge sci-fi chubby in my pants. I've got a couple videos here to check out with all the facts behind this, one just a funny take on it from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.
Apparently, Androids Will Replace Hookers By 2050
We bet you anticipate, nay expect, androids to be incorporated into everyday life by 2050 – but we bet you didn’t count on the fact that in 2050 our “ladies of the night” could also require oil changes and scratch-resistant coatings.
Google’s ‘Project Glass’ Is An Awesome Concept
Google's "Project Glass" is currently under development but when it's all said and done, you will be wearing glasses that will bring an augmented reality right in front of your face. I love hearing about cool new technology and this is gonna be sweet.
First Footage Of White Blood Cells Hunting Cancer
Cancer sucks. And what sucks more is that it touches everyone. I'm sure everybody reading this has lost someone to it, and it's a terrifying thing to face. It's always good to see it getting it's ass kicked and there is now video of human white blood cells hunting down cancero…
Interesting Argument About The Budget Cuts To The Space Program
Astrophysicist  Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses and makes an interesting point about the disgusting budget cuts to the space program and basically the future of our existence. I think after watching this you will be amazed at what it would cost us to keep our space program up and running, not onl…

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