Building-Side Pinball Machine
In a world of PS3s and Cellphones that play 3D video, pinball machines aren't exactly making the headlines.  Unless of course the pinball machine is a building, cuz that's pretty effin sweet.
Amazing Samsung Communication Screen Video
It's amazing how far cell phones have come, considering that they've only been around the mainstream for under 20 years.  It's crazy to think what they'll be like 20 years from now, but the people at Samsung have an idea.  Take a look into the future.
Facebook Knows What You Like
Much like Big Brother, Facebook is watching you.  Every time you log on, Mark Zuckerberg is watching what you do, what you click on, and what you like.  The things you like give a pretty clear picture of who you are and this video shows just how well facebook knows you.
Robot Riding A Bicycle
It's just a matter of time now.  the robot uprising is coming.  If you buy into the Terminator theory of Robot Revolution(which I do), Skynet has already been self aware for almost 15 years.  Now the robots are riding bikes.  Things are getting serious people.
Can You ‘Unthink’ the Way You Feel About Social Media?
Watch out Facebook and Google+ -- there's a new kid in town that's going to make you think differently about social media -- actually they want you to 'unthink' social media. If you are tired of Facebook changing your newsfeed, moving your photos, keeping tabs on what you say and…
Apple’s New Siri Technology Has a (Hilarious) Mind of Its Own
Apple’s voice-recognition technology, Siri, has been lauded for its groundbreaking ability to understand natural human language rather than just simple commands. In the past, most people have used it for various mundane activities — finding the nearest sushi restaurant or theater showtimes for a mov…
Bug Circus Generates Electricity To Power Smart Phone
This video is kind of like the commercial where the 3 Guinea Pigs are rowing the boat to power the computer, but it's real.  It features a praying mantis on a unicycle and a beetle being launched from a cannon.  Hell Yeah for the internet.

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