Bug Circus Generates Electricity To Power Smart Phone
This video is kind of like the commercial where the 3 Guinea Pigs are rowing the boat to power the computer, but it's real.  It features a praying mantis on a unicycle and a beetle being launched from a cannon.  Hell Yeah for the internet.
Steve Jobs Apple Co-Founder Dead at 56
Apple co-founder -- Steve Jobs -- passed away earlier today (Wednesday) after a long battle with cancer. Jobs was best known introducing the world to the iPod and iPhone, which revolutionized the music industry. Find out more after the jump...
Deaf Woman Hears For The First Time Ever
Here's your feel good story for the day.
Sarah Churman is a 29 year old woman who was born deaf. This woman has lived her entire life in silence. Recently she received a Cochlear implant which is a  state of the art hearing device. Here is a pretty touching video of the Sarah hearing for th…
Multi Colored Flame Throwing System
Let's face the facts, fire is awesome. It's one of the most primal forces on the plant, and it's been used to destroy and create. And now they have a flame thrower that shoots out streams of multicolored fire in sync with music. You bet your ass the video is awesome.
Video Games With Unlimited Detail
I'm not a huge gamer but I do enjoy playing certain games. If you think video games have some pretty killer graphics you haven't seen nothing yet! This video is just a demo but explains what this company has developed as far as graphic technology. This is pretty amazing.
Machine Makes Titanium Guitar
I guess CNC machines can make pretty much anything and they play a big part in manufacturing of a lot of goods, but this is the first time I've ever seen one.  Watch it turn a block of titanium into a guitar.
Wide Angle POV Fireworks
Today is the 5th of July and I'm still not sick of fireworks.  If you're tired of OOO-ing and Ahhh-ing from the parking lot, check out what it would look like from the Firework's point of view.
Men and Women Disagree On Sexting. Shocking!
Wow, who knew?  Men and women have different opinions in regards to sexting.
Surprise!  Not!
According to a recent Zoosk poll, a majority of women think receiving a nude photo of a man would be "creepy", while more men think it would be "sexy" to receive a…
Introducing Sony’s New Handheld: PlayStation Vita [VIDEO]
E3 is going on right now which, for those of you who don't know, is where all the big video game developers announce their upcoming projects and games. So you can expect me to fully nerd out on you for the next couple days. Yesterday Sony announced a new handheld (one that finally has dual …
Organ For iPad? Teen Sells Kidney for iPad Two
People are doing whatever they can for money these days.
I can understand doing something out of the ordinary for a mortgage or car payment.
But selling a kidney for a for an iPad?
That is what a  teen in China did.  Yep, sold one of his kidneys for a freakin' iPad!

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