Weird News

Naked Man Attempts To Eat At Waffle House [VIDEO]
New rule - 'No clothes, no service'. A Georgia man was arrested after he attempted to enter a Waffle House restaurant completely naked. It gets creepier, Bashir Rasheed, 36, began touching himself and even pressed his 'sausage' against a window. Ugh.
Body Found In Freezer Sold At Yard Sale [VIDEO]
People find hidden treasures all of the time at yard sales - bodies not so much. A North Carolina woman got much more than she bargained for when she purchased a freezer at a yard sale for $30. When the woman opened the fridge, the first thing she saw was a foot. WTF? What is really strange is she d…
Man Pays Traffic Ticket With 22,000 Pennies [VIDEO]
There are laws against speeding, but no laws on how you pay your ticket - at least not at Frisco Municipal Court in Texas. Brett Sanders was not happy when a jury (yes jury), convicted him of driving 39 in a 30mph zone. The ticket fee - $212. Sanders paid it all in pennies!

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