The St. Louis rockers Cavo are back with a new single called 'Thick as Thieves' from the forth coming album of the same name -- check out the video for their latest track here.

Cavo have their eyes on early 2012 for the release of their sophomore album, the follow-up to their major label debut 'Bright Nights, Dark Days'. The new record was produced by Kato Khandwala (Blondie, Drowning Pool) David Bendeth (Paramore, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin) and Dan Korneff (All That Remains, My Chemical Romance) at House of Loud Studios in New Jersey.

The music video for “Thick as Thieves”was directed by Frankie Nasso, who has directed videos for Chevelle, HellYeah! and All That Remains. The video features Cavo performing on a hi-rise rooftop in St. Louis.